Friday, April 17, 2015

Wow! We have been living aboard for eight days now. Not too much to write about today but I wanted to share some pictures. 

Our days consist of school, chores and daily living. Our chores do take a little planning as we have to walk 1 KM to the first bridge just before the entrance to town. Taking our laundry in is quite a site as it looks like we are moving out. We use a roller bag or two depending on the amount of laundry needing to be cleaned.

laundry day...... it looks like we're leaving lol
We finally got our boat graphics put on the port and starboard hulls. It looks AWESOME!

our new graphics s/v (sailing vessel) Element 
Here is Jordan practicing her selfies.
practicing her awesome selfies
We were invited to a birthday dinner for one of the cruisers. Below is a picture of my new friend Colin. He is a super fellow.
new found friend Colin from s/v Hideaway
Jordan has perfected her selfies.

oooooh look at me
We are docked on pontoon A which is on the protected side where the cruise ships and ferries dock. Here is one of our neighbours.

a brief neighbour of ours
The girls have snack time everyday. Of course there are always shenanigans.

snack time shenanigans
Jordan and I were walking over to the park for a recess break when we came along the pirate ship Barbosa.

"Barbosa" a tourist attraction pirate ship

This is our recess at the park.

recess at the park

recess continued

Earlier in the day we headed over to the soccer pitch for PE. It was locked but the fellow offered us basketballs to play with in the gym. I haven't had that much fun in years. I had forgotten how much fun basketball can be.

After our full day of PE, school, recess at the park and all the walking Jordan crashed outside on the seat. She had adorned it with pillows to lie on and a throw pillow for her head.

crashed after a busy day in our new boating life 

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