Friday, February 26, 2016

Classical Concert, Surströmming (Sour Herring) Tasting and a Norwegian Lunch

February 26 - 28

Last Friday Paige and I took a bus ride up to Antalya with a small group of cruisers for some retail therapy and a classical violin concert. 

We left at 2:30 PM and our first stop was at Bauhaus shopping centre in Antalya. Bauhaus is similar to Home Depot with the added bonus of boating stuff. We had 1.5 hours, so Paige and I took the opportunity to window shop and peruse the stores at a leisurely pace. Paige was able to find a treasure box that actually looks like a chest and I found much needed socks.

We hopped on the bus to grab dinner at a Turkish fast-food restaurant. The service and food were good. Once we finished, we left for the concert as we needed to pick up the tickets an hour before the performance. This allowed us to take a look at a photo exhibit that was displayed in the lobby. There were some excellent pictures. As we entered we noticed ladies had carnations in their hands. It turns out that they were being given out in celebration of women. It was a welcome surprise.

My favourite part of the concert was the conductor (who reminded me a little of Danny Devito) and the harp. It was a great experience and I look forward to going again before we leave Finike.

the cruisers that participated in the concert
Paige in her element
photos in the exhibition
more photos
more photos
the stage
the performers entering

tuning the instruments
the violin soloist and conductor
in action
waiting to play
at the end of the performance
On Saturday, promptly at 4:00 PM, Paul and Kerstin (s/v Kerpa from Sweden) introduced us to Surströmming or sour herring (ömming). This was a privilege/life lesson.  Well, if you have never had this experience it is nostril intense. The swollen tin is opened under water due to the pressure of the fermented herring. The smell hits like a wall, unlike anything I have ever smelled. There are no words to describe it. No one lost their breakfast or lunch but there were a couple of close calls. Luckily the reward for all of this was a sampling of the fish and a shot of schnapps (it is needed to help the fish go down). Kerstin was gracious enough to make wraps with onion and potatoes to tone the herring down. I think each one of us appreciated this.

preparations for the tasting (notice the bucket of water waiting for the can)
from left to right: Haus, Maggie (s/v Calidore), Kerstin & Paul (s/v Kerpa)
akavit (schnapps) and the tin of fermenting herring
preparing to watch the opening of the tin by Jeff (s/v Nawii)
Paul about to explain the history of sour herring
Jeff preparing for the opening
Jeff enduring the task (as he opened the can the wall of noxious smell hits)
removing the can from the water after it has been opened most of the way
Paul finishing the job
Kerstin preparing the fish for tasting

Pia preparing herself for the taste

I had visited my friend Nikki (s/v Celtic Cream) for a gin and tonic earlier in the day so I was feeling brave. Also, I wanted a schnapps but was only allowed one if I tried the herring. This is the before.
this is during (I needed the schnapps to get it down)
 We found out during the tasting that it was Joan's (s/v Elusive) birthday. Here she is as we are singing happy birthday.

having happy birthday sung to her
On Sunday our friends on La Famillia invited us for a Norwegian lunch consisting of smoked salmon, eggs, bread and porridge (similar to rice pudding). Darryl, Janet, Iris, and Ella (s/v Maple)  and Joan and Greg (s/v Elusive) were also there. The meal and company were wonderful.

enjoying the lovely weather and company before lunch
smoked salmon, eggs, cheese and bread
Shaun in heaven with his rice pudding
Janet and Janna serving the pudding
Paige hanging around

Later on in the afternoon we headed over for the Sunday BBQ at 4:00 PM.

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