Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Bonaire - Part 2 - in no particular order

August 7, 2017 - November 7, 2017

Part 2

Over the course of our travels, one of the things Jordan has always been wanting to do is go to a dance class. On one of our many walks to Budget Marine, Shaun found a small dance school that allowed drop in students. We were thrilled to find a place that allowed kids to drop in whenever was convenient. At one point we had 5 cruising kids at the school. The teacher was so gracious.

Jordan at dance class
Also, while in Bonaire we did two land tours. We rented our truck from Budget Car Rental. Dora is the lady to speak to, she is located at the airport and will arrange a pick up from Karel's Bar. The contact number is 717-5588. Budget was the most reasonable rental that we located.

Our first tour was with the crew of s/v Blue Zulu (Anna, Patrick, Stella and Finn). We rented only one truck for a single day that seats 4-5 and rotated people in to the cargo area. It got pretty hot and dusty during the day and wouldn't recommend this unless it is a cooler day. We toured the north and south of the island as well as fit in a grocery shop. It was too much for one day. I would recommend two days minimum to get a good feel for the island.

from left to right: Finn, Jordan, Paige and Stella
Jordan in front of the whale skeleton at the National Park
a fun cactus plant

all the different birds in Bonaire 
the inland road
from left to right: Patrick, Stella and Finn (s/v Blue Zulu) and Jordan
a cactus tree
all of the animals that live in the desert
beautiful seas for snorkelling
fun sign in Rincon
Our second trip was with Maple and Itchy foot. We rented two vehicles for two days for 11 people. It worked out wonderfully as it gave us more time to explore the island and experience its contrasts. We were able to fit in a daytime dive at the Salt Pier as well. The Salt Pier is one of my favourite dive sites so far. The structures are so neat and the creatures are amazing.

I'm being eaten
from left to right: Iris, Jordan, Teo, and Ella
Paige + Teo = wonderful friends
from back to front of the truck: me, Janet John and Darryl
circle of friends: Maple, Itchy Foot and Element
geckos crossing
flamingo skeleton
blue whiptail lizard visiting Paige
coastal road in the park

very much like a moonscape
tiny molluscs
trapped water
the windward side of the island
fossilised coral
looking behind
a big blow hole
another blue whiptail
a beautiful swimming hole (photo credit John, s/v Itchy Foot)
lighthouse and research centre ruins
a Toyota commercial waiting to happen
signs along the way
On our way back from the National Park we realised it was a day that the Cadushy Bar was open. Cadushy (http://www.cadushy.com) is a cactus liquor distillery. We arrived 10 minutes before closing and they stayed open for us.

Eric Gietman one of the founders of the distillery
the distillery itself
a great group of people = friends for life

The following day we decided to head south to the windward "garbage beach", the lighthouse, the slave huts and the Salt Pier.

a collection of garbage on the beach
we collected some white and pink beach shells and rocks
Dad and daughter

the lighthouse
the orange obelisk at the slave huts, each obelisk is a different colour to tell the ships what grade of salt is available
looking through the hut windows
6 adults would sleep in this hut
more flamingos
the salt piles
Janet and I almost match the drying pools
the pier itself with its conveyor belt (photo credit John, s/v Itchy Foot)
(photo credit John, s/v Itchy Foot)
Bonaire donkeys

Paige the donkey whisperer
flying flamingos
We celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving over on s/v Maple with our lovely friends Mia, John and Teo on s/v Itchy Foot.
fun Thanksgiving shot
One of our last celebrations in Bonaire was Halloween. I am glad to say, it was a huge success! We were able to carve a real pumpkin and trick or treat to 16 boats plus one fishing dock. The girls costumes worked out wonderfully as well. Paige made here ebi nigiri sushi costume using my yoga mat and lots of paint and Jordan had help from Paige for her scuba diver costume. There were 9 kids involved from 4 different boats. So much fun! I love the cruising community for their support.

the homemade BCD
making the scuba air tank
the beginnings of the ebi
carving of the pumpkins
the carved masterpieces
the finished costumes
s/v Calbodine
s/v Maple
cheshire cat carving
one of two faces
the second face
Bonaire captured our hearts and will forever be remembered.

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