Monday, May 30, 2016


May 30 - June 3

We arrived into Frikes bay on Ithaca to spend a few days to relax. It is a very small town but quaint.

We grabbed a bite to eat a one of the tavernas along the waterfront. It wasn't high season and the owner was only able to offer hamburgers or toast (cheese toast). We all opted for hamburgers and fries.

On another day we decided to walk the 2 KM's to the town of Stavros. It was a charming walk up to the local village. Groves of my favourite tree (olive), old stone walls and old brick buildings. We also encountered a lot of wildlife including the longest ant trail we have seen thus far. It stretched 500 metres. Jordan's legs were getting tired so up she went on to Shaun's shoulders while reading a Diary of a Wimpy Kid. We made it up and decided we had earned a beverage. Once we had rested we decided that it was time to head back down.

We enjoyed the time we spent here. Our next stop would be Levkas.

here's the way to travel
yes, this is a chicken up in a tree.....
this is a very interesting flower
carnivorous cricket
giant centipede that hunts venomous spiders via chemical trails..... they also eat bats
beautiful butterfly

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Saturday, May 28, 2016


May 28 - May 30

We left Zakynthos and headed over to Kefalonia.

The Ionian islands are fairly close together and are much greener than the Cyclades and Dodecanese islands.

We decided this trip to pull out the fishing rod and try our luck. I guess the fishing gods were someplace else..... Another time fishes.

trying our luck at fishing on the way to Fisgardo
Upon arrival into Fisgardo Bay we realised just how popular the area was. We were unable to find a spot on the wall so we proceeded to drop our anchor across the bay in beautiful clear water and stern tie. This proved to be an exceptional choice as the girls were able to swim and as a bonus we were right next to the walking path that took us to see the lighthouse.

Rose Chaffer beetle taking a break on our binoculars
our anchorage (stern tied)
another view
our walk to the venetian lighthouse
outside the lighthouse
entrance to the lighthouse
view at the point on our walk
another view
looking out from the lighthouse
looking down from the lighthouse
a window seat on the way down from the top of the lighthouse
the spiral staircase
Shaun decending
outside the lighthouse
the new lighthouse

On one of our walks along the waterfront Shaun happened to notice a Broad Blue Catamaran. The conversation went like this, "Hey Sherrie, isn't that a Broad Blue?" my reply "???" His next comment, It's from Brisbane, didn't you say....." and before he could say anything more I noticed a fellow sailing lady and I yelled out "Karen!!!!!!". It happened to be s/v All Together a sailing family with 3 boys from Australia. I met them for 20 minutes in Marmaris in April 2015 before they headed out. We had been communicating by FaceBook and finally had a chance to hang out and let the kids play. We invited them over for drinks later in the day which led to dinner. The kids had a blast swimming and playing in the dinghy.

water front area
waterfront in Fisgardo
water front in Fisgardo
view of Element from across the bay
from drinks to dinner
dinghy fun
more dinghy fun
Karen and I
All Together crew prepping for Paige's dinghy service
it's not goodbye it's see you later
night shot across the bay

We thoroughly enjoyed Fisgardo it had an authentic Greek feel to it. It also had a great chandlery where we bought a bunch of items. We spent enough that Shaun acquired a new t-shirt. I have left a bit of my heart there as well.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Zakynthos - shipwreck beach

May 25 - May 28

We arrived at Zakynthos (more commonly called Zante by the locals). We pulled into the public quay now privatised by the local agents. Dimitri was very helpful with our lines and boat documents.

As we entered we noticed our new friends aboard s/v Seahorse were side tied not far up the dock from us. They were our neighbours in Chania harbour Crete. The fellow stopped by to say hello and chat later that day. It was nice to see familiar faces.

At some point we headed out for a walk around along the waterfront and came across an Admiral store. Both girls were in dire need of shorts and luckily the store had some that were acceptable for both. Once these were purchased we headed further and stopped into the local grocery store just to see what was available. I was so happy to see onion flakes (silly but many onion flake or powder is hardly found). I guess most people cook with fresh onions. With our purchases in tow we headed back to the boat to stow our goods.

Later we needed some internet so we took a walk along some of the inner back streets.  As it was siesta time most shops were closed. As we walked along the street we started to notice the swallow nests with small, medium and big babies all crammed in the small nests. The parents constantly swooping in with nourishment for the hungry babes. It was very entertaining to watch. As we headed back we stopped at a local taverna for wifi and a beverage.

some of the many baby swallows in town waiting for food to be brought
On another outing to the post office (which was closed) to drop off school books to send back to Canada, we came across a pharmacy so I ducked in to see if they might have and mechlizine (my chosen seasickness medicine). The lady behind the counter was very helpful as I turned down what she first offered. She did a bit of searching and found what I was looking for. In the 4.5 months I have been in Greece this was the first time we had found it. I bought 5 boxes from her for something like 10 euro. I was very happy to be able to stock up.

Zakynthos is famous for shipwreck beach (only accessible by boat). In this particular bay if there is any sort of swell it can be dangerous to enter. Shaun had been checking the weather and it was looking good but we were both leery on taking Element. We decided that we would take a day trip that would take us to the blue caves and to the beach. We had to get up early to get back to the post office and on our way inquired about ticket prices. We purchased the tickets (25 euro/adult and 12 euro 50 for Paige) and quickly got our items prepped and walked down the dock to the power boat that would take us. The trip took us up the coast passing slowly by the Blue Caves and into Navagio Beach or better known as Shipwreck Beach. As we entered we were so very glad that we didn't bring Element. There was a swell with waves crashing onto the beach making beach access tricky.

The view was amazing and we recommend visiting if you ever get to Zakynthos. The beach was rocky and difficult to walk on with bare feet so shoes would be recommended. The high wall and the aquamarine waters make this a gem. We had 1 our at the beach but had to board the boat 15 minutes before departing.

On the way back the boat dropped anchor at the Blue Caves allowing us to jump into the "brisk" water for a short swim and then headed back to the town for 2:00 PM. We really enjoyed the time and met a couple from England that were sitting next to us.

coast of Zakynthos

steps down from to the water along the coast

first view of shipwreck beach

small personal beach to the right
looking out from the beach

the ship

Paige sporting her new bathing suit

prepping to have our picture taken

underneath inside the ship

in the belly of the ship

many people make notes on the white rocks and leave them in the belly of the ship

the high walls

our ride to the beach

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