Saturday, May 28, 2016


May 28 - May 30

We left Zakynthos and headed over to Kefalonia.

The Ionian islands are fairly close together and are much greener than the Cyclades and Dodecanese islands.

We decided this trip to pull out the fishing rod and try our luck. I guess the fishing gods were someplace else..... Another time fishes.

trying our luck at fishing on the way to Fisgardo
Upon arrival into Fisgardo Bay we realised just how popular the area was. We were unable to find a spot on the wall so we proceeded to drop our anchor across the bay in beautiful clear water and stern tie. This proved to be an exceptional choice as the girls were able to swim and as a bonus we were right next to the walking path that took us to see the lighthouse.

Rose Chaffer beetle taking a break on our binoculars
our anchorage (stern tied)
another view
our walk to the venetian lighthouse
outside the lighthouse
entrance to the lighthouse
view at the point on our walk
another view
looking out from the lighthouse
looking down from the lighthouse
a window seat on the way down from the top of the lighthouse
the spiral staircase
Shaun decending
outside the lighthouse
the new lighthouse

On one of our walks along the waterfront Shaun happened to notice a Broad Blue Catamaran. The conversation went like this, "Hey Sherrie, isn't that a Broad Blue?" my reply "???" His next comment, It's from Brisbane, didn't you say....." and before he could say anything more I noticed a fellow sailing lady and I yelled out "Karen!!!!!!". It happened to be s/v All Together a sailing family with 3 boys from Australia. I met them for 20 minutes in Marmaris in April 2015 before they headed out. We had been communicating by FaceBook and finally had a chance to hang out and let the kids play. We invited them over for drinks later in the day which led to dinner. The kids had a blast swimming and playing in the dinghy.

water front area
waterfront in Fisgardo
water front in Fisgardo
view of Element from across the bay
from drinks to dinner
dinghy fun
more dinghy fun
Karen and I
All Together crew prepping for Paige's dinghy service
it's not goodbye it's see you later
night shot across the bay

We thoroughly enjoyed Fisgardo it had an authentic Greek feel to it. It also had a great chandlery where we bought a bunch of items. We spent enough that Shaun acquired a new t-shirt. I have left a bit of my heart there as well.

Follow our video adventures on our YouTube channel: Video adventures of s/v Element

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