Monday, May 30, 2016


May 30 - June 3

We arrived into Frikes bay on Ithaca to spend a few days to relax. It is a very small town but quaint.

We grabbed a bite to eat a one of the tavernas along the waterfront. It wasn't high season and the owner was only able to offer hamburgers or toast (cheese toast). We all opted for hamburgers and fries.

On another day we decided to walk the 2 KM's to the town of Stavros. It was a charming walk up to the local village. Groves of my favourite tree (olive), old stone walls and old brick buildings. We also encountered a lot of wildlife including the longest ant trail we have seen thus far. It stretched 500 metres. Jordan's legs were getting tired so up she went on to Shaun's shoulders while reading a Diary of a Wimpy Kid. We made it up and decided we had earned a beverage. Once we had rested we decided that it was time to head back down.

We enjoyed the time we spent here. Our next stop would be Levkas.

here's the way to travel
yes, this is a chicken up in a tree.....
this is a very interesting flower
carnivorous cricket
giant centipede that hunts venomous spiders via chemical trails..... they also eat bats
beautiful butterfly

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  1. The funky flower is a passionflower. This was lovely!