Friday, May 20, 2016


May 20 - 23

We left Crete for an overnight passage heading to Pylos on the Peloponnese coast.

Shaun took the bulk of the overnight. I took over at 3:15 AM. A small sparrow kept me company during my 3.5 hour watch. I was graced with another stunning sunrise and the peace that comes with it.

my companion during my watch a little sparrow resting in the line 
another great sunrise

We arrived to Pylos and were able to tie up in a small marina. The best part was it was free.  We were at the end of a concrete dock that allowed the girls to roam along the rock wall and look at the many fishes.

sisters looking at the sea life
Compared to many of the typical Greek towns, Pylos was actually laid out by the French whom were allied with the British at the time. A large naval engagement took place in the Bay by the British against the Turks and Egyptians in the days of tall ships. The well trained British gun crews defeated the Turks and Egyptians while heavily outnumbered and out positioned in the Bay. The French then occupied the area and set out the town which features a square surrounded by cafes with large trees for shade and a monument to the 3 British admirals whom were victorious in the battle. This is different than the typical greek coastal town that features tavernas along a waterfront. The square is the social point of families with their children as we witnessed during the weekend of our stay.

On our way into the town we saw some gypsies weaving baskets and asked if we could take some photos. We wanted to ask them if they would teach Paige their trade. We ran out of time. 

gypsies weaving baskets to sell

the french style square 
tables set under the lovely tree creating some shade and ambience 

As we left Pylos heading for Katakalon we were able to snap a few photos of some great rock formations.
the rocks as we left Pilos

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