Monday, April 13, 2015

We made it to Marmaris on April 10 and are now officially living on our floating home. Pics to follow.
Our marina until May 1

Some of the other boats in the marina
I have met a new friend Connie (who lives aboard a boat named Noah) who explained to us to take our time unpacking and settling in. Do something everyday.

On the first afternoon/evening we arrived Shaun took Jordan over to pick up her new scooter.
New scooter
rock art on the dock in between scooter rides
This saves our shoulders and allows Jordan to boot around. The following day April 11 we headed to 9:30/10:00 AM coffee to meet some of the other cruisers. Lovely group of people.

When our feet are the only way to travel and everything is 1 KM plus away we have to really think about what needs to be picked up every time we leave the boat. In our travels we were able to buy Paige some rollerblades. She was on those things most of the day. So much so she ended up with a blister..... LOL It is a pleasure to watch.

Practice time
Taking a break at the park
On April 12 Paige finally met Quinn who is an 11 year old cruising kid who also LOVES minecraft. Unfortunately, Marmaris had another power outage so instead of the electronic version the kids folded minecraft paper and then spent hours playing with the lego that was brought.

new friends
Today April 13 was the first day of homeschooling.

After the 9:00 AM Marmaris cruisers radio net we began. The radio net lets all the cruisers know the weather, upcoming events, taxi shares needed etc. As Shaun was explaining the gothic style printing that he wanted the girls to practice Jordan's hand shot up. Shaun gave her a chance to speak and this is what she said "I would like to make a comment about your teaching, if you have something that you would like to say you need to put your hand up". The way she nonchalantly expressed herself was so great. Uncle Ron was laughing so hard he had to leave the boat. I love the fact she speaks her mind.

For recess we walked into town to pick up new school supplies for the girls and let them play at the park for a bit. We counted a bunch more cats along the way. I think the Marmaris cat count is up to 80 or something. The crazy thing is the girls both act like they haven't seen a cat EVERY time they see a new cat. It is quite funny actually.

Fun times with the statues 
One of the back streets

another back street

We came back to the boat to make lunch. The girls did their math work while it was being prepared. After lunch was their quiet time. Let me rephrase that..... Paige's quiet time. Jordan was all over the place. We organized a few more items and by this time we were ready to head back into town to pick up our dinner and to have a chai tea.

Dinner done and this is how Paige relaxes.

Out on the trampoline of the boat


  1. Haha! Third time's a charm. Tried to comment and it didn't work so I hope this isn't a repeat. This looks like fun, and the boat looks very spacious. What a beautiful town!

    1. Hey Nancy, third time is a charm. Got your comment.