Tuesday, April 28, 2015

We have been enjoying our last days in Marmaris until we return in late August. We are now just waiting for our solar panels to be installed along with a few new lines. There is always a to do list on a boat...... When ever we start a project it seems that something comes up. For example today Shaun was following the VHF electrical cable up the mast when to his SURPRISE there was a birds nest inside. By the time we pulled out the nest completely it was half of a black garbage bag full...... how crazy is that? I forgot to take a picture oops.

Over the last few days we have played foosball, bought a large quantity of plastic containers (and yes I washed all of them), attended a not so fun kids fair, found an odd looking plant, had Paige work on her Science this term electricity by changing out her own light fixture in her stateroom, got the girls hair cut (WOOHOO), relaxed at "coffee", released a pigeon, provisioned the boat when we rented the car (this felt like luxury) and finally we took sv Element out on her inaugural sail to see how she sails.  Pictures are below.

There were a few hiccups (it took us 1.25 hours to get the sails) however, we figured out some bugs and where I will need help when our crew goes home. I did get to jump in the sail bag a couple of times to walk along the boom to unhook items or later on to help flake the main. That was fun! There are so many working sheets and halyards (sheets are control lines and halyards are hoisting lines) on board it is a bit daunting and will take a bit of getting used to. Our main sail is 1000 square feet (bigger than our first house of 988 square feet).

foosball family

how many containers can we fit aboard?
flying saucer plant
dad did you turn the electricity off before we started?
wire striping 101
light bulb
I feel sooooooo much lighter
that was a lot of hair
release the pigeons
chillin at coffee
provisioned the boat on the day we rented the car
first sail with the Schmidt's
Shaun's application of sunscreen....... we might need to buy some stock as it
looks as though we might be needing to buy more after this application......

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