Thursday, April 23, 2015

It has been an exciting few days here. We had our sails put back on along with new running rigging (lines and halyards). It was very educational to watch North Sails re-run the lines and halyards. We learned some tricks for when we will have to do it ourselves.

main sail being hoisted while being put back on the boat

We had our new friends Lisa, Gary, Hannah & Quinn over for dinner. I was able to bake the meatballs in the oven. The kids were having a blast while waiting for dinner.

fun with friends
from left to right: Gary, Ron & Lisa
I went into the Eczane (local pharmacy) to see if they carried my allergy nasal spray. To my excitement it was available for 15 TL which is equal to $7.50 CAD without a prescription. In Canada this used to cost me $35.00 plus the pharmacy fee.

no prescription needed

I was also sent up our 70' mast on a recon mission as other boats are having trouble hearing us when we transmit on our radio. I needed to take some pictures of how the antenna is mounted.

at the base before heading up
looking up to see what I have to deal with

just left the bottom

half way up at the spreaders
looking down at the spreader
shot from the dock looking up at the top
clinging on for dear life
shot looking down at the dock
view from the top of the mast
another view from the top
Shaun, Jordan and I walked into town to pick up the rest of our boat graphics to be put on safety equipment.

sticker time
caught in the act
There is a local cat that lives near the washroom and he is soon lovey so the girls have named him Lovey. I would adopt him if I could.

I love you Lovey
you are sooooooo cuddly
 We were walking by the boat yard and to our delight we found these Turkish tuna.

Turkish tuna

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