Sunday, September 20, 2015

West of Gocek

September 12 - 13

Left Fethiye for an anchorage area 2 hours away just west of Gocek.

On our way we passed a gullet with a fellow standing out the end of his long passerelle. I couldn't help snap a picture. It seemed so funny. I was aldo able to take a couple of pictures of Paige and her new haircut.

just hanging out on the end of the passerelle enroute to the next destination

captain Shaun at the helm looking relaxed

During the day I was able to snap some pictures of the girls. Really I was just trying to get a shot of Paige with her new haircut.

trying to capture a picture of Paige and her new hair cut
When we arrived into the anchorages each bay we motored by was jam packed and we ended up in Tersane Cr. Bay. We attempted our first EVER stern tie. We dropped our anchor and Shaun controlled the boat with the engines while I dropped the dinghy with Paige. I maned the helm while Shaun took the stern lines to the bollards on land. Once this was complete we cracked a beer. We hadn't realized how far we drifted over while tying the first line and we ended up too close to the gullet next door. We eased our port stern line to blow over away from the other boat which worked out perfectly. However, once they left we were being blown by 20 knots of wind as they were our shield. Not long after I noticed that we were slowly getting closer to another boat on our starboard side. Our anchor was dragging.  Off we went in bit of a panic to get our stern lines detached and our boat moved. Shaun was at the helm and I hopped into the dinghy and hand over handed to the bollard. I managed to hop out of the dinghy without falling in and untied the first line, hopped back in the dinghy and pulled myself back to the boat by the stern line. I moved over to the port side and repeated the exercise and managed to make it back to the boat unscathed. Paige was at the windless pulling up the anchor. We ended up side tying at the dock which cost us a meal (it happened to be an expensive meal). After everything was said and done we were happier to have had all this happen in daylight and not the middle of the night. During this whole event we also saw our first ice cream boat selling cool treats.

first attempt at stern tying

VERY expensive ice cream delivery boat
Tersane Cr. Bay is beautiful, it has many ruins. Stunning views. There are many cows, goats, dogs and chickens. How the dock/restaurant works is that the dock is free but you must have a meal at their restaurant. The menu had chicken, local goat, meat balls, fish and calamari. In this case it was a set price of 65 TL for adults and 40 TL for children plus drinks. I chose fish, the girls had chicken rice and fries and Shaun had calamari. The food was nothing to write home about especially for 211 TL.

swimming off the boat at the dock
livestock near the ruins

resident ducks
more ruins

As we were sitting at the boat after dinner we could hear the plethora of goats with their bells bleating and moving around. After the sun set we were able to see the beautiful stars. We headed to bed and poor Shaun woke up with terrible indigestion and heartburn from the food. Too much grease. I luckily had gone to bed at 9:30 and was able to get in a few hours of peaceful sleep before his disruptions.

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  1. Love the photo of the girls together. Beautiful smiles! Love, love, love the ruins, and goats on ruins is an even better thing!