Thursday, September 17, 2015


August 7 afternoon - September 8 morning

We left Rhodes and headed back to Marmaris. We had to dock the boat on the outside of the marina to get checked in, of course we had to use an agent as Turkey uses an electronic transit log registration system which tracks our movement in the country. The average cruiser does not have access to an electronic transit log. Agents are the ones who have access to this. It didn’t take too long but we still had to go in so that the customs guy could see us face to face while stamping our passports.

After check in we radioed Netsel and waited for the marinaros to meet up with us and direct us to our spot in the marina. We were put back on A pontoon but further back. The girls were really eager to look for Lovey the cat by the toilets. Unfortunately, we could not find the lovable cat and hope that someone adopted him while we were away. Fortunately there were 2 other cats near the washrooms. The girls named them Snake and Ice.

hanging out at the boat
Marmaris was SUPER HOT between 35 - 48 degrees. Unbearable! Many of the projects that we were wanting to accomplish were side tracked due to the heat. One of the projects we did get completed was replacing 3 crazed acrylic windows.

48 degrees at 2:06 PM

my "swab cleaning up the caulking material after our crazed windows were removed
We did walk around town to visit our old contacts to say hello and chat for a few minutes. It was nice to see them again. We went and had our first ├žay tea in months, it was delicious and felt like coming home.

Due to the heat we thought it would be fun to try some experiments. One that Paige found interesting was with an egg, frying pan and the sun. Would the sun cook the egg? Here are the pictures:

egg experiment.....
will the egg cook in the sun?
Hearing the call to prayer again was also such a familiar thing. The funny thing was we used to hear all of them but now they seem to just be part of the white noise…..

During the month in Marmaris we would quite often pay the 20 TL per person to use the pool. The girls were in heaven. Jordan is now swimming without her lifejacket and is like a fish.
our oasis in the heat

hanging at the pool to stay cool

look mom I can chill
Jordan learned how to play chess and quite often the girls would play together.

chess game sister vs sister
Several evenings Shaun and I would head out along the waterfront to hang out at one of favourite places, Adjartin. We liked to chart with our friend Sahin Sevim. We would play back gammon and smoke a water pipe. I know, I know it is terrible for my health, but oh so much fun.

Adjantin shisha specialist
water pipe, back gammon and beer

Arjantins shisha specialist
our friend Sahin Seuim
the coal guy
We purchased new black water tubing for our toilet system as this is a winter replacement project. We also had North Sails come and quote us on a new outdoor enclosure that will allow us to use the space in the rainy season without having to always remove cushions. We had people quote on our standing rigging as well as a new trampoline. 

We were looking forward to a change from Marmaris. We were comfortable in Marmaris and knew where everything was along with many familiar faces. The price was too high for us to continue to stay, so on September 8 we said goodbye to Marmaris and started a new chapter of our lives heading towards Finike. We planned on making a few stops on the way before the final stop these you can read about in my next post.

Random pictures from our last month in Marmaris:

FINALLY a replacement
math blocks made into "Mrs. Bird"
saying goodbye to their fur friend "Ice"
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