Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Antalya - our break from the boat

August 27 - 31

We headed to Antalya because there were no children dentist to complete Jordans filling. She was not going to complete it with the fellow in Marmaris, no matter what. He was able to get half of the freezing in and a portion of it drilled out but, that was it and there are no paediatric dentists any closer.

We headed along the inland road and made it there in 4.5 hours as we had a much better rental car. We realized as were going through some of the towns that each one is known for something. Korkuteli is known for their mushrooms, and if you didn't know this before you certainly did while driving by the incredibly big statue pf a mushroom. Kumluka is known for their, eggplant, peppers and tomatoes. Finike is known for their oranges. Again each had large statues indicating this.

We decided to make it into a mini holiday to give ourselves a break from the boat, allow Jordan something to look forward to and a relaxing time before we start school. We are planning on completing the school year in 8 months versus the 10 as we have a lot of terrain to cover starting at the end of April.

After several hours of perusing the internet for all inclusive hotels in Antalya he settled on Liberty Hotels Lara (http://www.libertyhotelslara.com). 

after our room was made up
There are several pools and water slides for the kids. The grounds weren't huge but offered us a great variety of activities. There was a 16+ year old silent pool and then a larger pool that wrapped through the property for everyone else. On the far left side of the property there was a soccer pitch (this is where the Victory Day celebration was held), further up was the air gun and archery area along with the pizza and Turkish crepe snack bar. To the right was the Chaing Mai and BBQ a la carte restaurants. In the middle was the day bar area along with a BBQ chicken snack shack. Further along the middle was The Cat House and Waffle Shack. The waterslides were located on the right side.

Like everything else in Turkey the age allowed to use the big slides is a guideline. Children 7 and under are not supposed to use them (this is similar to driving in Turkey.... the lines on the road are only guidelines)……. Jordan who is almost 6 is on them and loving it. Paige won’t go on the fast slides like her sister so she sticks to the slow one or the kiddie slides.  The variety in activities is impressive as well, from air guns (air rifle), belly dancing, water gym to darts. We have participated in air guns and darts so far. In the evening there is a mini disco for the littlies. Jordan has loved this and looks forward to it.

kiddie slides
waterslides meant for 7+ year olds
Paige on the slow white one
me on the second hill before a huge splash/bail into the pool
mom and daughter ride (only got stuck a couple of times)
sisters in the big pool
watching the pool games
lunch time
lunch time

at the top
prepping to drop into the pool
Shaun's epic entry
just hanging around
chilling in the shade
new friend
It has been lovely to be able to grab a meal and not have to worry about doing the dishes. The food is tasty and there was an excellent variety. Create your own stir fry to the typical fried foods. I tried a lovely yogurt, mint and rice soup and I added in dill. AMAZING! The girls have been loving the pools and slides. Shaun and I have enjoyed the slides as well. I am a little more leary as every time I partake in the slides I have a bathing suit malfunction. Most times it is the top flying up as I hit the water…… LOL. I think I gave a show to several people on my last one. I think I’ll try a t-shirt to see if that helps.

We hit the breakfast buffet again. Shaun was extremely happy to find warm rice pudding for breakfast. After breakfast we headed back to the pools. At 11:00 AM the Yoruk Tent for homemade pizza. The fellow there was so very happy that we spoke Turkish to him. Actually, all the staff were taken aback and so very happy when we spoke Turkish. It made their day as well as ours.

We are lucky to have stayed on August 30th which is Turkeys Victory Day (their most important holiday):

“In 1920 the Turkish army fought against the invading foreign forces for their independence and freedom. After the victory in 1920 Mustafa Kamal Ataturk declared Turkey a Republic on the 29th of October, 1923.The Victory ho;idays are the National holiday of the Republic of Turkey and of Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic.Victory Day holidays began on August 26th, 1922 under the leadership of commander in chief Mustafa Kemal who led the Turkish army to victory at Dumlupinar on August 30th (known as The Great Offensive).The occupying troops were later driven out of the country, and August 30th symbolizes and represents the day the nations lands were taken back.”

Below are the pictures of the pre-celebration and celebration:

pyrotechnic on our balcony
dinner preparation for the August 30 celebrations
first course of the meal
Turkish delicacies
sailboat napkins
pyrotechnics in action
ice sculptures
live music
Turkish folk dancing
lobby of the hotel
lobby from a different angle
We had to leave the following day but were very much relaxed and ready to return to life aboard. We met some lovely people and it meant a lot to me to be able to chat with each of them. I forgot to get pictures of our new friends but hope to connect in the future.

our newest friends from Israel - Rana and Salam
another great shot of Rana and Salam

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  1. Looks like an amazing resort! Would love to visit Turkey one day. Must be an amazing place to visit on water and land. Cheers - Ellen

    1. Hi Ellen, Turkey was very unexpected. It is a beautiful country with extremely friendly people. If possible visit. Truly wonderful. Thanks for reading.

  2. The waterslides looked like a blast! And that dinner - from the food to the cool ice sculptures to the setting - what a great experience. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Sherrie!

    Great meeting you guys, I enjoyed chatting with you. We got back last week, had a fab trip and we are all missing Antalya.

    Let us know if/when you stop by London!
    Shannon, James, Lulu, and Maceo

    1. Hi Shannon, it was so very nice to meet you and your family as well. We are now in Finike, Turkey for the winter and will certainly contact you if we make it to London.