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June 1 - June 8

After 40 days at anchor in Martinique waiting for the Canadian passport fiasco to be completed, we made our way to Carriacou (part of the Grenadine Islands). We made an overnight stop in Bequia before dropping anchor in Tyrell Bay, Carriacou.

the Sister Rocks
We ended up anchoring near the back of the pack as the bay was pretty full. Our friends on s/v Manado were already at anchor close to the beach. We caught up with them and met at the dinghy dock for a nice walk. On our travels we came upon a dive shop by the name of Arawak Divers ( and they had just finished a lion fish dive. Lion fish are an invasive species in the Caribbean and therefore are hunted/culles. They just so happen to be a lovely fish to eat (once the poisonous spines are removed).

lion fish spoils (care of Arawak Divers)
Another day, we took the local bus (2.50 EC per adult and 1.25 EC per child) and headed towards Hillsborough, the town next to Tyrell Bay. While in town we came upon a very reasonable chicken shop.

waiting for the bus to go to Hillsborough

view to the beach in Hillsborough
the local chicken shack
the large cemetery on our way back from Hillsborough
Tyrell Bay
Many of our cruising friends that were already in Grenada were going to see the Leatherback Turtles nesting on a local beach. Our friend Manuel did some research and found a beach in Carriacou where turtles also nest. We decided that we would take a trip up to the Windward side to a beach called Petite Carenage. As we were preparing to depart we ran in to another cruising family that we had met in Martinique from Serendipity of Sweden so of course we invited them along. On the beach there is a small hut with benches and a table to sit while waiting.

turtle eggs on our first visit
in the hut on our first visit with Aubrey, Nadia, Miranda and Manuel
at the other end Paige, Jordan, Shaun and me
Jordan with fan coral
evidence of a fresh turtle nest
the laughing gull that I named "Peg Leg" who landed on our solar panels
the full crew of Serendipity of Sweden, from left to right Ulla, David, Aubrey and Miranda
Nadian and myself
Our first attempt to see the turtles was unsuccessful because we didn't stay long enough so, we decided to try one last time a couple of days later. 

We took the taxi at 7:00 PM and asked him to pick us up at 2:00 AM. This trip we came prepared with snacks, beverages and lots of mosquito coils and spray. At 12:00 AM we were overjoyed to witness the majestic creature covering her eggs. Words cannot describe adequately how beautiful she was.

in the hut again waiting
our first view just after midnight of the beautiful leatherback turtle
Paige with her
Jordan with her
covering her precious eggs
heading back to the pick up point
On June 8th we weighed anchor and made our way to Grenada. We recommend a stop to Carricou if you are in the area. The waters are clear and the beaches are lovely.

Follow our video adventures on our YouTube channel: Video adventures of s/v Element

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