Saturday, June 18, 2016


June 18 -20

We left the lovely bay of Lakka, Paxos and headed up the coast to Corfu (35 miles) for some much needed water, power and provisions. This was our last stop before heading out of the Schengen zone.

view of the old Venetian fortress in the old town of Corfu
Venetian buildings 
Venetian buildings
the marina below the fortress
We opted to head up to Gouvia and moor at the marina as were uncertain how protected the marina near the fortress would be (it would be a quick visit as the price was higher). After we had docked Shaun headed to the port police and noticed there was a restaurant that had a pool. He came back and we all headed up. The girls hopped into the pool while we sipped beverages.

At one point we washed the boat because when we were in Lakka it rained red and we were unable to clean it properly. We also were running out of clean clothes so this gave us a chance to do a bit of laundry.

The water front area was full of restaurants and tavernas and was quite touristy. We all visited the restaurants for wifi on a regular basis.

On one of our trips to the grocery store we ran into a couple of ladies who were sailing on a New Zealand flagged boat (Donna Smyth and Janet Quarrie). We later caught up with them as they were moored just up the dock from us. The captain Mark graciously offered us his Montenegro courtesy flag as we haven't yet purchased one and in exchange Paige drew the Albanian flag on one of Shaun's old red t-shirts. I forgot to take a picture oops.

The day before we were leaving Shaun and I went for our big provisioning shop. Lucky for us they offered delivery service which included us. The fellow that was driving explained that him and his family were in the process of leaving Corfu, Greece for a new home in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We asked hi why and he explained that it was becoming too difficult for him and his family to survive in Greece. Shaun proceeded to explain that Winnipeg is extremely cold and for the fellow to ask his friend currently in Winnipeg to explain wind chill factor. We were very surprised that he wanted to move there.

Later Shaun was speaking to Mark about boat stuff and where they were heading. It turned out they were trying to make it to Gibraltar by July (this is a lot of miles). They also were making their way to Albania and we would see them in Saranda.

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