Saturday, January 23, 2016

My 10th anniversary of turning 29th

January, 23, 2016

Today was my birthday. Shaun had planned an evening celebration at the porthole with our fellow cruising friends. We provided the wine, beer and snacks and our friends provided the party.

I am happy to report we had a great turn out. Nick and Nikki of s/v Celtic Cream arrived and gave me the admiral hat and the festivities began. We had cake (with a not so appealing photo of me blowing out the candles) and party games. They included balloon passing with body parts, drop the lira into a basket by holding them in our nether regions, and bend around a stick to name a few...... It was great fun with loads of laughter.

Spending my birthday amongst these lovely people that I have the pleasure to call my friends made for a lovely evening. 

Admirals cap with the bonking bell (Rit smiling in the background)
Nick and I
(loving the ponytail hat)
Barnie and Jordan
from left to right - Rit (s/v Bold Black Bear), Anne (s/v Maple), Janet (s/v Maple) and Sandra (s/v Nawii)
blowing out the candles of the second cake
Jordan and Iris (s/v Maple)
Shaun and Anton (s/v Shayele)
party game care of Nick ended with soot all over my face
party game - sit and roll the balloon across the floor without popping it
pass the balloon with your knees - what a hoot
Jordan & Nikki (s/v Celtic Cream) blowing up balloons
Ella (s/v Maple) showing us how to bend our bodies to get the stick around
Lana trying at the stick trick
Romans turn
Greg (s/v Elusive) after he nailed the stick trick with confidence
Shaun attempting the stick trick
selfie with our bartender (Paige)..... She rocked it!
Joan (s/v Elusive) is always a hoot. Love this lady.

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  1. Looks like a great time! Glad you had a happy birthday, my dear friend!