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December 6

We  decided to go to Demre (30 KMs away) ( to visit the ruins of Myra where St. Nicholas lived in the 4th century...... We later visited the church in town where he worked.

Myra is very beautiful. It has an amphi theatre that has access all the way down to the bottom. Jordan did a little dance number for Paige and Shaun went to the front of the theatre and experienced how the sound is amplified by the design of the "building". There are Lycian tombs to the left of the theatre. They are very impressive.

first view as we entered
faces carved into stone

Lycian tombs
Lycian tombs
view of the outside of the theatre

lizard sunning on the rocks
Lycian tombs are always situated atop hills because their culture believed their dead would be transported to another world by winged creatures.

steps up to the top portion of the theatre

just chilling by the fish

heading down

here is your everyday camel strolling down the street
our lunch before heading to explore Noël Baba church
On December 6th many christian people go to the church Noël Baba to celebrate the death of St. Nicholas. After he died as a bishop he was cononized ( and later became a patron saint. This is where "Santa Clause" was born.

mosaic of Santa Clause 

St. Nicholas

beautiful mosaic within the floor tile

what is left of St. Nicholas' tomb

paintings up on the ceiling

beautiful engraved carved rocks

do you see the greek letters

heading back towards the car

view down the main street heading towards Myra

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