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Finike, Jordan's 6th birthday and arrival of my parents and sailing trip to Kokova Roads

September 15 - 28

We arrived into Finike our home for the winter. Upon arriving Shaun and I felt really great about our choice. Finike is small but has a great community.

map of our marina
After we got the boat tied up to the dock and were finishing our post sail check list a lady approached the boat. We had met her during our first visit to Finike in August. Her name is Cathy and her husband is Robert aboard BNG (they are from Toronto, Canada). She came to let us know that the local cruisers were having an impromptu get together up at the port hole (public building). Of course we got ourselves settled and grabbed some snacks and beverages and headed over.  This is when the girls met “the dogs”. They are a pack of 4 named: “Rosy” (the leader), “Patch” (a german short haired pointer), “Tripod” (who is missing a front leg”, and “Little” (a scruffy little brown dog).

The girls have decided to try and train the dogs to stop chasing cars. They would like to paint the dog houses and get the dogs some new towels. They have decided to make rainbow loom jewelry and to bake a cake and make coffee to sell. The funds they raise will go towards the paint and towels. Below Paige is baking dog treats.

homemade dog treats
We hit it off with Cathy and Robert and ended up hanging out with them almost every day until they left for a 4 month trip back to Canada. During this 4 months they will be crewing aboard a mutual friends boat “End Game” owned by the Black family who will be doing an Atlantic ocean crossing. We all agreed that the world is a small place and laughed at the fact that we knew the same people.

We celebrated Jordan’s 6th birthday on September 17th. Jordan and Shaun decided that it would be nice if Paige had a gift to open as well. They had picked out a Minecraft t-shirt for Paige (which she loved). Jordan wasn’t expecting anymore presents as her and Shaun had already purchased new rollerblades but to her surprise she had several to open. Her favourites were the nail polish and the Turkey t-shirt.

new rollerblades
I love Turkey
ooooohhhhhhh nail polish
Paige's new shirt from Jordan
After finishing school work and allowing the temperature to cool down we headed to the square to roller blade. We put all the safety gear on Jordan and off the girls went. I was too paranoid to help so Paige took over and with her guidance Jordan was skating on her own within about 30 minutes. Skating in ringette last year sure helped with the roller blading.

big sister teaching her little sister how to "blade"
On September 18th Shaun and Jordan drove the hour and a half to Antalya to pick up my parents. Jordan wore her new Turkey t-shirt and her new head scarf from Kale Köy. By 5:00 PM they were back in Finike with my very tired parents. Of course they were beat after traveling for 2 days. We had arranged for a hotel room at the Finike Marina Hotel across the road from the marina. It is very convenient for them as they are able to come and go at their convenience. 

yay nanna is here
a little kiss from "Patch"
My parents were gracious enough to pick up the girls school books, pre-ordered parts, kindles and food items. When they arrived it was like Christmas. We had pre-ordered jelly belly jelly beans, Kraft Mac and Cheese and Twizzlers. It was such a treat to have them bring these items.

bounty from Canada
We had dinner at a local restaurant and called it an early evening because we were meeting our new friends Robert and Cathy for breakfast the following morning and then continuing on to the Saturday market.

first dinner out with mom & dad
We still had the car so Shaun, mom, dad, Jordan and Paige took it while Robert, Cathy and I walked. After a bit of confusion with directions we made it to the small restaurant for breakfast. Our family had assumed it was a western style breakfast but it turned out to be turkish style of cheese and meat crêpes. Luckily I had fed Jordan before we left….. LOL

We left the restaurant and headed to the Saturday market to load up on fresh produce. It was nice to be able to buy a large selection and not have to carry it back. The car came in handy. 

breakfast with our new friends
Saturday market
more Saturday market
new headband from Saturday market
We hung out at the boat and visited with my folks and then we took them to the town next door “Kumluca” while we still had the car. It has an excellent smooth square to rollerblade. While Jordan was rollerblading she met three local girls. They only spoke a little bit of english but that didn’t stop them from hanging out with her. At one point Jordan had a mob of at least 10 kids surrounding her. One of the girls really loved Jordan and was singing the only english song she knew “If Your Happy and You Know It”…… It always blows me away how much of a magnet Jordan is. 

first girls to talk with Jordan
the mob

rollerblading with new friends
While Jordan was rollerblading Paige sat and played with a small kitten. She was in her element. This kitten must have been separated too soon from its mother as it was trying to suckle Paige’s dress. It was quite adorable.

Once we returned from Kumluca we met up with Cathy and Robert to have a BBQ up at the Porthole. The BBQ’s are charcoal so need at least 45 minutes to heat up for optimal cooking heat. We had a feast of fresh corn on the cob, salad and chicken. Of course there were some beverages consumed.

Cathy, Shaun and Robert at the BBQ pit
Shaun with his new hair cut and dad with his newly shaved face
chilling and eating
dog "training"
dinner with my parents
"Patch" trying to be a lap dog
Between September 24 - 27 Turkey was celebrating Kurban Bayram. It is a sacrificing feast. Here is a link to a page that explains the ins and outs:

Being a visitor and having children we were uncertain how strictly people follow the “no sacrificing of animals in the street” law. We chose to head sailing for a few days with my parents instead of risking a potentially awkward situation. 

On Thursday September 27 we headed out on our mini sailing vacation with my parents up to Kokova Roads. Our destination was Woodhouse Bay for some tranquility and hydro therapy in the beautiful water.

In preparation to go sailing I had my dad fill the water tanks. We nick named him “water boy”. We also always prep food before we leave on a passage so I had my mom and dad help in that preparation.

We had to beat up wind and tack several times. It took us longer to get to Korkova Roads but we got to sail and allow my parents to experience sailing on our boat. It was a lovely day. We arrived into Woodhouse Bay, got our anchor set and set our stern lines. It was a little late to swim so we made dinner and had an early night.

The following morning everyone but my mom went in the water. It was just as beautiful as the last time. We even had a glimpse of the sea turtle before the day trippers and gullets arrived. Mom finally got into the water the following day.

ready to caste off
food prep for the day
dad aka "water boy"

Paige prepping the main sail
I'm in your spot dad
steering the boat into the wind while we raise the main sail (I need a new sailing hat)
Paige sitting on the port helm chair
captain Shaun
mom & dad in the recliner cockpit seats while underway
setting our first stern line
Paige in her spot
swimming with the grandkids
backgammon with my dad
Shaun setting our second stern line
can you spot the drone doing a fly by from our neighbour overnight tripper?
Jordan and I swimming back from the islet
mom hanging out on the bow
the girls and I just chilling
flipper handed Jordan

dad chilling on the bow
soaking up the salt water

resident jellyfish

our new favourite delivery boat - Turkish crêpes
nanna and Jordan
nanna, poppa, Jordan and Paige
While we were there Paige and Jordan came up with an idea to sell rainbow loom bracelets, cake and coffee to raise money to paint the dog houses at the marina. The marina manager Zhia had already given them permission to paint the dog houses. I am so proud that the girls are taking it so serious to take care of the dogs that live at the marina. In fact the dogs come to our boat in the morning to see the girls as they know that there will be treats. 

Paige mentioned to us that she had a dream about seeing a shark and guess what 2-3 days after her dream on our final morning in Woodhouse Bay she spotted a mud shark. This is not the first dream that she has had that has come true. 

We had to say goodbye to Woodhouse bay and head back to Finike. Once we arrived we needed to have our holding tanks sucked.......

weighing anchor
staying cool in her "spot" staying cool

ready to toss the stern line
"honey wagon" or poop sucker
not his favourite job
Once we got settled back in Finike Shaun went to the marina office and Pinar the front office lady directed him to a town office. He arrived there and there were no english speaking people so they called the local high school english teacher. Shaun then headed  down to the Sports centre to find out about available activities. The english teacher was waiting there for him. He found out that there is a volleyball for Paige and soccer for Jordan.

Shaun arrived back at the boat and literally had to pull Paige to go and try volleyball (it was completely outside of her comfort zone). We need this for our requirement for PE. They practice everyday for 2 hours. She went for 3 days in a row before we left on our inland trip.

Below are a variety of pictures......

great way to keep the bad smells away
more dog training
poppa & Jordan playing bejewelled
tiny turtle Paige saved from being hit while coming back from volleyball
Jordan's new responsibility - "fish feeding"
Follow our video adventures on the following youtube channel:

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